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Today's newsletter is yet another being written on an airplane. We arrived home from London late last evening (after midnight Colorado Time), and I then needed to take a shuttle right back out to the Denver airport for my flight to Orlando, at 8 AM. This strategy worked only because during our layover in Dulles, I put in a successful lowball bid on Priceline for a hotel near DIA. As it turned out, the buses to Boulder were all shut down last evening by the time that we were able to pick up our baggage, so it is a darn good thing that my hotel bid worked...

Our daughter, Rowan, will be driving in from Boulder this morning to pick up my wife, Nanette, from the airport hotel where I left her, and also to drop off at our Denver warehouse all of the British Pence variants that I picked up at Sunday's show in London. Our pricing expert, Will Moulton, is going to try and get as many of those Pence issues graded for you as possible this afternoon, and have them up for sale in our Premium New-In-Stock on Friday morning. I highly recommend your checking our website tomorrow at about 11 AM, as we are probably going to sell a large number of these rare Pence variants within hours of them being posted to the website.

Just in case you are wondering what all the fuss is about, Pence variants were produced for certain American comics from the 1950's through the 1980's. These comics with British cover prices printed (not stamped!) on them are true variants, as the interiors were taken from the original print runs. The covers are different only because at the same time that the printers were producing the original edition, they stopped the presses momentarily at the very end of the run, and inserted a Pence-denominated black plate for the tiny portion of that comics print run that was destined for newsstands in the UK. I've done some research, and as near as I can tell, the Pence editions constituted at most only 5%-10% of any given comic's print run, which makes a great many of them quite rare, especially in the USA.

All of the above having been said, while Pence variants are genuinely hard to obtain here, they are relatively common in the UK. More importantly, many UK collectors have it ingrained in their perspectives that Pence editions are somehow inferior to the "real" printings, and should thus be sold for less. This bias provides me with the opportunity to benefit on both sides of the Atlantic, as I buy Pence editions at discount in the UK, and then sell them through our website to collectors all around the world at a small premium that I think that their scarcity well justifies. The worldwide market for these Pence editions is still not all that large, but we have seen more than a doubling in demand for Pence editions over just the past year, at least in part because the long article on variant editions in the rear of last year's Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide echos exactly the rationale that I just expressed. That being the case, I personally think that Pence editions will be commanding far higher premiums in the future, if any supply remains at all. Suffice it to say, I will be heading back to England later this year to purchase even more Pence variants, if I at all can find room in my schedule...

Moving on to other news, Ashley and I will be buying back issues all this weekend at MegaCon, in Orlando. Next Sunday (April 3rd) we will be back at Derek Woywood's one-day show near the Philadelphia airport, in Essington, PA. Derek's last show had over 350 fans in attendance, which is just excellent for a one-day comics show! Another fun comics show will be John Paul's Pug Productions convention in East Hanover, New Jersey this Sunday, March 27th. Ashley and I attend John Paul's shows whenever we can, but this weekend we had already committed to be at MegaCon. Both East Hanover and Essington are great places to find absolutely incredible bargains on old comics.

Speaking of comics bargains, I'll close out today's newsletter by mentioning, once again, that I put an incredible 30% off codeword in effect for you earlier this week that allows you to save upwards of 65%-80% off on all eight million of the back issue comics and magazines that we have listed for you on our website. While the GREATDEAL! codeword discount is actually 30% off, almost every single back issue we have listed on our website is already discounted for you by 50%-65% off. When you layer the additional 30% GREATDEAL! codeword discounts on top of those pre-existing savings already reflected on our website, you end up with a huge discount savings, even on all of our Golden Age, Silver Age, and Bronze Age comics. Throw in completely free shipping on most back issue orders over $10, and you have a wonderful opportunity to build your collection at a tiny fraction of list price. With our comics prices starting right now at only 70 cents each ($1 less 30%...), absolutely everyone who reads this newsletter should be able to afford to purchase at least a small stack of good reading material from us this weekend.

I'll close today by asking that you please do enjoy this GREATDEAL! codeword sale with my sincere personal thanks for your continuing support. Without your kind help, I would simply have no way to keep doing the job that I so dearly love...

Happy collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
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P.S. Pam's inventory crew added yet another 25,000+ recent back issues for you during the past five days, including a very large number of Dark Horse titles, and also many Bronze Age (1976-1983) comics priced at $3 each, or less. I'm having Lynne include our links to our most popular genres at the end of this newsletter so that you can easily see the improvements to your favorite titles. Enjoy!

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