1977 Mile High Comics Catalog

During the Spring of 1977, we worked feverishly on trying to compiling a catalog of the Church collection. Our job was made a bit easier by the fact that approximately 20% of the books had either been sold by that point, or traded to Jim Payne for his store. That still left us with about 14,000 different issues to individually grade and list, which took an enormous number of man-hours. Then came the task of typing up the pages (on an old manual typewriter, and laying them out on boards that fit the dimensions of THE BUYER'S GUIDE. By the time we finished, the entire catalog came to a stunning 52 full-size tabloid pages. Each page consisted of four typewritten 8 1/2 X 11 sheets, so the total list of comics was quite huge.

Below is a reproduction of our 1977 Mile High Comics Catalog as appeared in the Comics Buyer Guide...

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