Bonus Book Giveaway Program

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In case you missed it, the way my the Bonus Book program works is pretty simple. Place your order with us as you usually would, and then ask in the "notes" section of our order form for your free item(s).

If your order totals $50 (just as an example...) you would also be able to select either two Bonus Books from the $20 list, or one Bonus Book from the $50 list. A $125 order would earn the right to select up to six items from the $20 list, or a combination of several items from the $20 and $50 list.

A few clarifications for the giveaway program.

  1. We have limited supplies on a few of these items, so some will undoubtedly run out; please list alternates. As items run out, more cool items will be added to replace them. My goal is to keep this giveaway program fun, and interesting!
  2. Your order total is the order total after discount, and not including shipping cost.
  3. You can order multiples of the same item, if you wish.
  4. You will need to manually ask for each item you've earned via the "notes" section of the order form.
  5. Your bonus items should show on your Processing of Order email, but not on your Receipt of Order email. Your order needs to be receveived before we can add your bonus items.
  6. Our International patrons need to be aware that we do still need to add the small per book shipping fees to any request for books to be delivered to International destinations.

Thanks as always!

Bonus Book Listing

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