Magic the Gathering

We will be holding the Journey into Nyx pre-release on April 26th-27th

Entry fee - $25
Format - Sealed

- 2 packs per entrant goes into the prize pool. $75 gift certificate goes to the winner. $ 50 giftcertificate goes to second place. Random $10 giftcertificates given out at random. .
Time - Noon

(Gift certificates only given out on Saturday the 26th.)

Yu-Gi-Oh sneak peek

We will be holding this sneak peek on March 10th at our Lakewood store.

Entry fee - $20
Format - Sealed

- An exclusive promo card (Artifact Scythe) will be given out to each player. Playmats will be given out to random players.
Time - Noon


Below you will find a list of upcoming Magic the Gathering tournaments.

Every Friday at 6 p.m.
Format - Standard
Entry Fee - FREE!
Prizes - 1st place gets a Foil FNM card plus 2 boosters, 2nd place gets a Foil FNM card, and 2 random Foil FNM cards will be given out.

Pauper Saturdays
Date - Every Saturday
Time - Noon
Location - This event will be held at our
Lakewood Store
Format - Pauper Legacy (only commons are legal)
Entry Fee - $2
Prize -
A pack per every two entrants goes into the prize pool.


We hold Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments every Saturday at noon.
Format - Advanced Format. Ban List located here.
Entry Fee - $5
Prizes - Everyone gets a Astral pack. Also for every 4 entrants a pack goes into the prize pool.

Lakewood Store Tournaments

Gaming Tournaments

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