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Once again, I want to begin today by sincerely thanking everyone who has been sending me kind best wishes for a speedy recovery from my 4th presentation of West Nile Encephalitis. The good news is that I am feeling quite a bit better today, quite likely because I enjoyed my first night of good sleep last evening in over a week. I am already tapering down on the steroids, and that is making me feel better, too.

Chuck's hallway to his office.

While I have been taking it easy this week, I have not been idle. My efforts have been focused on pulling together my long-anticipated Pueblo Indian pottery gallery on the second floor of Jason St. I have been guiding the efforts of several people who are helping me with the physical layout and decorative elements, while spending my own time cleaning the glass in my showcases (some of which are now over 20 years old...), and creating new displays out of the 3,000 pieces that we had to move in order to install the new laminate flooring in my office, and out on the mezzanine. Believe me, just rebuilding what was there before the flooring was installed is a huge undertaking...

Some of the Pueblo Indian pottery

Once the existing areas have been rebuilt, we can then start on the main 2,400 square foot gallery area. There are 50 showcases in there already, but I think that I have room for at least another 40, maybe more. That may sound excessive, but with approximately 6,000 pieces still waiting to be unpacked, I am going to need every inch of showcase space that I can find. None of that effort can begin, however, until John C. works his magic, and installs my new flooring. That is why I am telling people that my gallery will not be done until next summer, at the earliest. And even that cautious projection presumes that I don't run out of money in the meantime. I am pinching pennies as hard as I can, but to make the gallery look nice I can't cut too deeply.

Some comics from the estate lot that came in today.

Speaking of running out of money, Will Moulton had a gentleman come into Jason St. today with an estate lot of older comics for which he was asking $800. Will flipped through the boxes and then wrote the man a check for $2,000, instead. While that may sound foolish, it is just the way that we roll here at Mile High Comics. We do always have to live within the constraints of our sometimes oppressive overhead, but whenever we possible, we go out of our way to give everyone the very best deal that we can, both in terms of cash payments when we're buying, and via great discounts when we are selling. Simply put, that's the philosophy that has kept us in business for 50 years, while so many thousands of other comics retailers have failed. 'Nuff said.

Owl display

OK, I now have 100 Zuni pottery owls to move into their new showcase, so I am going to stop writing except to mention that we have our huge annual Christmas Gifts auction at Jason St. this Saturday morning, starting at 11:30 AM, and our annual Christmas Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament starting at 11:00 AM. Both a benefits to help the homeless during the Holidays, so if you live in Colorado or will be visiting the Denver area, your participation would be much appreciated.

Happy collecting!

Chuck Rozanski/Bettie Pages,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
December 11, 2019

P.S. Below are just a few of the great comics from Will's bigger deal (he bought two more collections, right after!). All will be available tomorrow after our upload at half of listed price when you utilize our ongoing 50% HOLIDAY! codeword. Only new issues, few variants, and our professionally-graded comics are exempt. Enjoy!

Here are a few of the comics that will be uploaded Thursday.

Here are a few of the comics that will be uploaded Thursday.

Here are a few of the comics that will be uploaded Thursday.

Here are a few of the comics that will be uploaded Thursday.

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