Filmmaker Kevin Smith Visits Mile High Comics!


The big news for today is that we received a surprise visit yesterday afternoon from noted filmmaker, Kevin Smith! Kevin is in Colorado for a ten-city tour of comedy clubs, so he just grabbed an Uber, and popped in completely unannounced. As the Facebook Live video that he filmed while touring the store clearly shows, Kevin fell in love our Jason St. location! Kevin's video has also gone viral over the past 18 hours, with over 260,000 views. Amazing!

Video Link

Chuck and Kevin

Jim Scharper and Kevin

In other news, Will and Pam have been doing an excellent job this week of adding even more great Silver Age and Bronze Age comics into our website selections. Will has also been adding a slew of unusual variants, including some scarce early 1990's editions from Dynamic Forces and American Entertainment. Check out New-In-Stock and Premium New-In-Stock from this past week to see the amazing diversity of great comics we have added for you.

Some IRON MAN comics that will be on Thursday's New-In-Stock

Some DOCTOR STRANGE comics that will be on Thursday's New-In-Stock

So you know, Pam's assistant, Josh, would normally also be working on grading old comics, but he has instead been focused this week on adding to our online trade paperbacks and hardbacks selection for you. All of our books are on sale for you right now at 30%-40% off, so he wanted to make certain that we offered you the broadest possible selection as Christmas draws near. Enjoy!

Some X-MEN comics that will be on Thursday's New-In-Stock

Some SHIELD comics that will be on Thursday's New-In-Stock

My only other news for today is a quick mention that we can still ship holiday gift orders and gift certificates for you in plenty of time for arrival by Christmas. As you may be already aware, small businesses in America are having an increasingly hard time competing in a world dominated by Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, etc. We do offer you an extremely wide variety of products, but with everyone so short on time these days, I can readily understand that when shopping it is oftentimes easier to just make all of your holiday purchases from just the big guys.

Some LOIS LANE comics that will be on Thursday's New-In-Stock

Some SPIDER-MAN comics that will be on Thursday's New-In-Stock

What this path-of-least-resistance temptation creates, however, is a steady weakening of the smaller retailers in America who strive every day to provide you with personalized service and unique products. This is true on a local basis in your community, and also among smaller online retailers, like Mile High Comics. We depend upon your support during the holidays, and hope that you don't forget about us. Please take a positive action to protect your own future choices by trying to make at least a few purchases from smaller retailers this holiday season. I guarantee you that the smaller retailers of America sincerely appreciate your support.

Some FANTASTIC FOUR comics that will be on Thursday's New-In-Stock

Some IRON MAN comics that will be on Thursday's New-In-Stock

Happy collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
December 14, 2016

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