Local News - Free Autograph Party Wednesday - Poker Tournament Saturday


Have you visited our Jason St. Mega-Store recently? I ask because we have been buying vast numbers of really awesome comics collections lately, and pricing all of those great back issues for you at the same rock bottom prices that we recently slashed on our website. Not surprisingly, our newly lowered comics prices have already prompted a surge in our Mega-Store comics sales. Many astute Denver comics buyers are now stopping by Jason St. at least once each week, as they just have to see our latest acquisitions. At these low prices, key issues sell very quickly...

Speaking of acquisitions, I am heading for Texas in ten days to look at a massive single owner collection of over 30,000 comics. Amazing Spider-Man #5-up, Fantastic Four #48-#400, X-Men #1-up, etc. The week after I am flying to New York, and will begin a 7-day buying tour across the Northeast. With our back issue comics sales skyrocketing right now, I am determined to keep fresh material being processed at Jason St. every day. If you have any comics, books, or toys that you would like to sell, please feel free to bring them in to us. We're buying!


In other news, Stephanie Salyers, the writer of the fascinating new Independent comics title, NVRLND, will be signing autographs at Jason St. tomorrow (Wednesday) from 2:30-5:00 at Jason St. NVRLAND is a fascinating crossover story that begins with the PETER PAN mythology as a core premise, and then crosses it over with an urban L.A. environment that feels just like THE WIRE. I just finished reading issues #1-#3, and am now wishing I could read the final installment. Highly recommended...

Poker flyer

I will close today's newsletter by reminding all of our poker players that our big Texas Hold'em poker tournament will begin on Saturday morning, starting at 11 AM. This tournament is quite important, as it will provide much-needed funding for both Urban Peak and Rainbow Alley through our Snow Ball charities effort. Both of those groups help homeless teens, which is critical because we are just about to enter into the bitter cold period that makes the lives of kids on the streets absolutely miserable.

$25.00 Certificate

If you at all can, please sign up this week for our tournament at any of our retail stores. Players who register at least one day in advance receive a $25 gift certificate in exchange for their $25 entry fee. In effect, you get to play for $2,000.00 in prizes, at no cost! That is an incredibly good deal for you, and since we donate 100% of the proceeds, it is also a great way to help kids in need.

Happy collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
November 8, 2016

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