Local News - Comics and Toy Auction Saturday - Comics Prices Slashed Storewide


I want to begin today by mentioning that we will be hosting an awesome No-Minimum-Bid auction this Saturday at our Jason St. Mega-Store, beginning at 11:30 AM. This auction will feature 300 items from Mile High Comics, and (hopefully) 300 items that we will be selling for charity. Our charities this time are Urban Peak and Rainbow Alley, which together help the homeless teens of Denver find shelter. With the bitter winds of winter soon to be upon us, we are working hard to try and put together a great auction for these desperate kids.

Lot #9

Lot #10

That having been said, I am sorry to report that we are quite short on donated items for Saturday's auction. Our good friend, John Paul, who puts on comics shows in New Jersey sent us a dozen really nice Golden Age and Silver Age comics, but we are otherwise scrambling for donations for Saturday's auction. If you might have some unwanted comics, toys, or other collectibles taking up space in your life that you no longer wish to own, why not donate them to this worthy cause? If it would help, we can get you a donation letter from the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire for the fair market value of your donated items. We are a registered 501-C3 charity, so that letter might help you to defray your taxes next April.


On a very positive note, I did want to mention that we will be giving away thousands of this year's limited edition HALLOWEEN COMICFEST variants on Saturday. Anyone visiting any of our stores on Saturday can receive any 3 HALLOWEEN COMICFEST comics for free, while those who come in costume can receive their choice of any 6. If you want more, you can receive another title for each $10 you spend with us that day, including what you might spend in the auction! There is a limit, however, of one full set per person, as our supplies are truly minuscule this year on each of the HALLOWEEN COMICFEST titles. Cover images of all 32 titles be viewed here.


In addition to comics and collectibles donations we are seeking for our auction, we are also seeking warm clothes and single serving toiletries to pass out to the homeless kids forced to sleep on the sidewalk outside if Urban Peak. If you have a jacket, sweater, scarf, boots, or other good used clothes that you could donate, we will have a donation box set up at the front of Jason St. You can also drop off donations at our other stores, and we will ship them to Jason for you.

Lot #11

If you can afford them, we are also seeking new boy's and girl's underwear and socks, as well as packages of those awesome chemical hand and foot warmers. I buy them in bulk for the kids at Costco. Frostbite is a real concern! I did locate a source for new cotton gloves at only $1 a pair, so cash donations to help me buy these would also be much appreciated. My goal is to buy 300 pairs of those cotton gloves to hand out next month to kids.

Lot #8

So you know, Urban Peak and Rainbow Alley were chosen as our beneficiaries this month by Norrie Reyolds, Empress 43 of the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire. As a part of her one-year reign as Empress, Norrie is entrusted with staging the awesome Empress's Snow Ball. This year's enchanting formal ball will be held on Saturday evening, November 19th, at the Timbers Hotel, which is located just north of the I-70/Peoria interchange. Norrie's Snow Ball is open to everyone to attend, and I will guarantee you that she would love to receive your support at her ball. I have tickets available at the discounted rate of only $10 each, so if you would like to join us, please write to me at chuckrozanski@gmail.com. If you like, you can sit at my personal table during the ball.

Empress's Snow Ball Poster

In other news, our next big Texas Hold'em poker tournament will be held on Saturday morning, November 12th, beginning at 11:00 AM. Our game this last Saturday helped provide the funds for two more custom poker tables, so we now have enough tables and chips to allow us to have 100! players. This next tournament will be held to benefit Norrie's two Snow Ball charities ( Urban Peak and Rainbow Alley ), so I would ask that everyone who has participated in one of our past tournaments PLEASE sign up.

Lot #12

The deal for the November 12th poker game is the same as the last: pay $25 to sign up for the November 12th game at any of our stores, and we will immediately issue you a $25 gift certificate. You can use that gift certificate that same day, or at any time in the future. In the meantime, we will donate all $25 of your donation to the Norrie's Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire Snow Ball Charities Fund. Given that bitter cold weather is almost upon us, I want this next tournament to be a huge success, so the top prize will be a $1,000 Mile High Comics shopping spree, 2nd $500, 3rd $200, and 4th-6th $100 each. That's $2000 in free merchandise prizes (plus the combined value of all the $25 entry fees...) that I am personally donating to help these poor kids who are forced to live on the streets. Any assistance that you might be willing to provide to me in helping these unfortunate kids would be most appreciated.

Poker at Mile High Comics

I will close today's newsletter by asking if you have heard about our radically lowered back issue prices? I ask because news about this change in our pricing policy was only released on Saturday, and up to this point in time has been reported only in my "National" newsletter. Simply put, this is the most radical pricing change to our older comics that we have implemented in over ten years. As a direct result, we are receiving a deluge of new orders from our online clients, many of whom have not ordered from us in quite some time.

So you know, we are also receiving an extremely positive response from all the local comics fans who have stopped by our stores this week, as they received exactly the same amazingly low back issue prices as are listed on our website, regardless of what those in-store comics may have been stickered in the past. Visit www.milehighcomics.com, to see all of our newly revised comics prices. I think that you will like them very much.

Happy collecting!,

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
October 25, 2016

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