Half Price Offer on 300,000 Trade Paperbacks
and Hardbacks Ends Monday


Our 40%-50% off comics trade paperbacks and comics hardbacks sale that I began on Wednesday has already exceeded our most optimistic projections. As a result, this extremely generous sale on our 300,000+ backlist books will definitely be ending on Monday, at noon Colorado Time. If you want to pick up some books from our website at near-giveaway prices, you only have 72 hours left in which to make your final selections.

Just a Few of Our 300,000+ Books!

A couple of quick notes about this amazing book sale. First, brand new books and oversize issues are not included. They are a very small percentage, however, of the 300,000 books we currently list on our website. Second, we do still have small shipping surcharges on books, as they weigh a lot. You will, however, receive free base shipping on any book order for delivery in the USA over $40, and over $100 to most International destinations. Third, this book sale is online only, does not apply in our Retail Stores. Finally, no codeword is necessary, as all prices are changed on our website.

Princess Leia #1

#2 Mile High

#3 Mile High

#4 Mile High

#5 Mile High

In other news, we found out just yesterday that our exclusive Mile High Comics variant editions to PRINCESS LEIA (2015) #5 and SECRET WARS (2015) #4 will be releasing next Wednesday. They are still available over this weekend from Greg and Mario in our new comics subscription department for only $19.95 each. Once they are released, however, they will be priced at $24.95. Greg and Mario can be reached by phone (weekdays 9-5) at 303-455-2659, or via e-mail at nice@milehighcomics.com.

Secret Wars #1-4 Mile High

On a related note, I want you to be aware that our STAR WARS (2015) variants are the very best-selling items that we offer in our entire Jason St. Mega-Store. Hardly a day goes by that we do not sell several issues, with sales of complete sets being relatively common. I mention this fact because 1) our remaining stock on issues #1-#6 continues to dribble away, 2) we were just approved by Marvel and LucasFilms to continue our series of Mile High Comics STAR WARS (2015) variants through issue #12, and 3) we are going to be offering our last 100 sets of #1-#6 at our current prices at the San Diego Comic-Con, beginning in just 12 days. Once those 100 sets have sold, our asking prices on issues #1-#6 will need to rise, again.

Star Wars #1-6 Mile High

Star Wars #7-12 Mile High

If you do not yet have a subscription to our STAR WARS (2015) series, Greg or Mario can help you to begin one today starting with #7, with the individual issues only costing you $19.95 each. We only bill you on your subscription when each issue is released, so that helps to spread out your cost significantly. I do recommend, however, that you also pick up your issues of our STAR WARS (2015) #1-#6 variants from us as soon as you can. We only printed 3,000 copies each, which is a tiny number when compared with the one million+ copies of STAR WARS (2015) #1 that have already been sold.

Happy Collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
June 26, 2015

P.S. Greg and Mario have been helping a number of fans this week with obtaining back issues of the new SECRET WARS (2015) series, and many of the SECRET WARS crossovers. We purchased very heavily on most of those new comics titles as we believed that many fans were hesitant to commit to such a huge crossover without being able to first preview the story. If you are trying to fill in your SECRET WARS issues, you should write to Greg and Mario at nice@milehighcomics.com. They can help you!

Secret Wars Crossover Titles

Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies #1 Kim

1602 Witch Hunter Angela (2015)

A-Force (2015)

Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies (2015)

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows (2015)

Armor Wars (2015)

Captain America & The Mighty Avengers #9 Gwen

Black Widow (2014)

Captain America & The Mighty Avengers (2014)

Captain Marvel & The Carol Corps (2015)

Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars (2015)

Future Imperfect #1 Keown

E Is For Extinction (2015)

Future Imperfect (2015)

Ghost Racers (2015)

Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX (2015)

Inferno (2015)

Inhumans: Attilan Rising #1 Forbes

Infinity Gauntlet (2015)

Inhumans: Attilan Rising (2015)

Korvac Saga (2015)

Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014)

M.O.D.O.K. Assassin (2015)

Marvel Zombies #1 Land

Magneto (2014)

Marvel Zombies (2015)

Master of Kung Fu (2015)

Mrs. Deadpool & The Howling Commandos (2015)

Ms. Marvel (2014)

Runaways #1 Noto

Old Man Logan (2015)

Planet Hulk (2015)

Punisher (2014)

Red Skull (2015)

Runaways (2015)

Secret Wars (2015)

Secret Wars #4 Mile High

Secret Wars 2099 (2015)

Secret Wars Free Comic Book Day (2015)

Secret Wars Journal (2015)

Secret Wars: Battleworld (2015)

Spider-Verse (2015)

Squadron Sinister #1

Squadron Sinister (2015)

Thors (2015)

Ultimate End (2015)

Weirdworld (2015)

Where Monsters Dwell (2015)

Years of Future Past #1 Norton

X-Men '92 (2015)

X-Tinction Agenda (2015)

Years of Future Past (2015)

Secret Wars (2015) Crossover Titles

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