Free AVENGERS Trade Paperbacks - 50% Off All Back Issues


I want to start off today by offering you a free copy of the Marvel Comics trade paperback SIEGE: MIGHTY AVENGERS (2011). We received 400 mint copies of this really nice $15.99 book last week as a reward from Marvel Comics for our having ordered 3,600 other brand new trade paperbacks from their annual warehouse liquidation list. Rather than just stashing away all of these nice books away on our back shelves, I thought that it would be a better outcome if I passed out free copies at no charge to anyone. Please enjoy your free copy of SIEGE: MIGHT AVENGERS with our sincere thanks for your continuing support of Mile High Comics.


To receive your free copy of SIEGE: MIGHTY AVENGERS, just let us know in the "notes" section of our online order form that you would like a copy. There is no minimum order requirement to receive this free book, but if your order is under $50 domestic (or under $125 International) you will need to cover the base shipping charge, as well as the small book surcharge. Orders over $50/$125 are only charged the small per item book shipping fee. Thank you for your support!


In other news, we sold about 1,000 (out of 3,600) of the steeply discounted Marvel Comics trade paperbacks that we offered you for $5 each on Friday. Because it appears that we have at least a few copies of each of the 100+ titles remaining in stock, we are going to go ahead and extend our Black Friday $5 book sale through this upcoming Friday (Dec. 1st). It would not surprise me at all if we do run out of stock on some titles by the end of the week, however, so I encourage early ordering for best selection. All of our other 200,000+ trade paperbacks are discounted for you on our website right now at a full 40% off, and all of our 50,000+ comics hardback collections are discounted at 30% off.


As regards our very generous 50% off all back issues BLACKFRIDAY! codeword sale, I am also leaving it in effect for you for the remainder of this week. Only new issues, a few variants, and our professionally graded comics are exempt.(Priced in Blue) We did receive an enthusiastic response to the BLACKFRIDAY! sale over the holiday weekend, and for that I am decidedly grateful. September-November is typically our most difficult time of year in which to generate revenues, however, and this year was no exception. That having been said, we have shown in past years that we are quite capable of making up any ground that we lost during the fall if we experience solid online demand from Thanksgiving-New Year's Day. With that thought in mind, I would ask you to please keep us in mind during this critical holiday shopping season. Gift certificates are available... Thank you!

Sample Gift certificates

Happy collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
November 27, 2017

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