BLACKFRIDAY Sale Begins 50% Off All Comics, 40% Off All Trade Paperbacks


As hard as it is for me to believe, next Thursday is already going to be the Thanksgiving holiday. In all honesty, this year's early calendar date really snuck up on me, at least in some measure because the weather is so amazingly warm in Denver right now. That having been said, because we want to avoid being crushed by the overwhelming power of the large mass market retailers (Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc.) who dominate the days around Thanksgiving, we always start our own annual BLACKFRIDAY! sales on the Friday before Thanksgiving. Well, that's today...

Here are our in-store BLACKFRIDAY! discounts for 2017:

*All Back Issues - 50% Off!(Excluding $1 books and Graded comics)
*All Toys & Action Figures - 40% Off!
*All Trade Paperbacks - 40% Off!
*All Hardbacks - 30% Off!
*All Statues - 30% Off!
*All Apparel - 30% Off!

If you can visit one of our stores in Denver, all of these discounts are instantly available to you. If you can only shop with us online, what really matters for this sale are the following incredible online discounts:


*Ten Million+ Back Issue Comics and Magazines - 50% Off!
*200,000+ Trade Paperbacks and Graphic Novels - 40% Off!
*50,000+ Comics Hardback Collections - 30% Off!

Prices for all of our trade paperbacks, graphic novels, and comics hardbacks are already discounted for you on our website, so no codeword is necessary. All ten million of our back issue comics and magazines are half price when you utilize the new 50% off BLACKFRIDAY! codeword. (Priced in Green, Red, and Yellow) Just enter the codeword BLACKFRIDAY! in the line provided to you on our online order form, and prices will be slashed in half for you on all qualifying items. Only new issues, a few variants, and our professionally graded comics are excluded from the codeword sale. (Priced in Blue)

WALKING DEAD (2003) #1

So you know, our BLACKFRIDAY! sales marks the beginning of our strongest season of the year. One major factor contributing to this trend is that we typically buy an incredible number of great private collections during September and October. This year has been our best buying year in our 47 years in business, so our stock of incredibly cool comics, books, and toys right now is the largest EVER!. Seriously, we have so many wonderful comics, books, and collectibles available in Jason St. right now that even I am continually amazed at all the cool stuff I see displayed on our shelves. Never, ever, has one comic book company ever offered so much cool stuff in a single location. If you at all can, I strongly encourage you to visit Jason St. for an incredibly fun shopping experience this holiday season.

Happy collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
November 17, 2017

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