50% Off SANDIEGO Codeword Sale Begins


For the past 43 years, the first day of the each San Diego Comic-Con was filled with hope and excitement for me. For decades, I could not wait for this wonderful gathering of all my friends from the comics world to begin. Beginning about ten years ago, however, the convention underwent a major change. Long-time SDCC supporters were told at the end of that year's convention that they were no longer going to be given the opportunity to purchase passes on Sunday evening for the following year. Instead, San Diego's most loyal supporters were told that they were going to be forced to enter an online lottery system dominated by hundreds of thousands of media and pop culture fans. Most comics fans were then shut out. In my opinion, it was that one callous decision that doomed the Comic-Con that we all once loved.

Last Year's Con Booth

I could wax poetic about many other aspects of the convention that also influenced my decision to not return this year, but I will tell you in all honesty that I do not miss the stress of dealing with the freight handlers and trying to build our exhibit in the slightest. I broke a crown the other day and had to have some rather invasive dental work done this morning. Sadly, I realized while laying in the dentist's chair and listening to the whine of her drill that I was far more relaxed today than I have been on the Wednesday of San Diego in many, many years. It had become so bad for me that I was already dreading the Sunday night load-out hassles before the convention even began on Wednesday evening. Clearly, it was long past time for me to quit forcing myself to accept this dreadful stress, and to instead move on.

Last Year's Booth on Saturday

All of the above having been said, San Diego is still a major part of the pop culture world, and some news still emanates from the panels. I will try to keep you apprised of what I hear. Also, those of you who have been asking, our annual 50% off SANDIEGO codeword sale is going into effect today on all ten million of our back issue comics and magazines. Only new issues, a few variants, and our slabbed comics are excluded from this annual sale.

Ocean of comics in Jason Street Mega Store

I will close today's newsletter with an interesting observation about our Jason St. Mega-Store. Almost everyone realizes by now that Jason St. is the largest comic book store in the world, and that the diversity of comics, magazines, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, and comics hardbacks that we offer in that one building supersedes any other spot on earth. But, did you know that Jason St. also buys more comics each day than it sells? Seriously, We buy so many collections at Jason St. ( sometimes a dozen collections in a day!) that we always have more comics in stock at closing than what we had when we unlocked our door that morning. In effect, I have built a perpetual comic book machine! Just some fun food for thought...

Happy collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
July 19, 2017

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