60% Off All Comics Sale Ends Noon Monday


A very brief newsletter today, as the only two topics are:

1) our extremely short term 60% off TAXTIME! sale on all of our back issue comics and magazines

2) the fact that we are down to only 85 remaining sets of this year's Free Comic Book Day variant editions.

Free Comic Book Day!

As regards the TAXTIME! codeword sale, this is a second opportunity to score great deals for those of you who missed out on our original 60% off sale back at the end of February. This special 3-day 60% off sale applies to all ten million+ of our back issue comics and magazines, excluding only new issues, a few variants, and our professionally-graded comics. This 60% off TAXTIME! back issues sale also is in effect at our three Colorado retail stores (including Jason St.) with the same exclusions, plus no blue price sticker issues. Other than those minor restrictions, you can save enormously. The TAXTIME! sale ends in our retail stores at the close of business on Sunday, and at noon on Monday for website orders. You have only THREE DAYS!

As an aside, we are receiving 60% off TAXTIME! orders via our website right now at a the frenetic pace of an order every 2-3 minutes, so please do allow at least an extra week for shipping. Thank you!

Matthew Shepard Foundation

As regards our very limited number of 2018 Free Comic Book Day complete sets, we ordered 250 full sets of all 54 Issues for this year, with 200 of those complete sets allocated for our online clients, and 50 reserved to give away in exchange for donations during the actual event on May 5th in our three retail stores. We are offering our complete sets in exchange for a $40 donation to the awesome Matthew Shepard Foundation. If you order a complete set today it will not be billed to your credit card until May 7th, which is the first day that we are allowed to ship them out. If you do request a set, you will be billed $40 (100% of which will be donated to the Matthew Shepard Foundation) plus exact shipping. We already have 115 sets reserved out of the 200 we have for online sales, so please do place your order for your set right away...

New Era Wrestling Flyer

I will close by quickly mentioning that I purchased a huge comics and toy collection this morning from a local estate, including a remarkable selection of Godzilla ancillary figures. I will be coming in to Jason St. tomorrow (Saturday) to sort and price some of these great new acquisitions in time for the huge crowd to arrive for tomorrow night's awesome professional wrestling exhibition. We had 300+ wild and crazy attendees in Jason St. last month, and expect more tomorrow night!

Happy collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
April 13, 2018

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