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I have several cool topics for you today, beginning with an offer to all comics creators in our audience who would like free table space in which to exhibit your creations either during this year's Free Comic Book Day (May 4th), or during the Denver Pop Culture Con (May 31- June 2nd). We have recently greatly expanded our events area, so we have plenty of room for dozens of tables. Will Moulton (moulton@milehighcomics.com) is handling preregistrations as of right now...

Expanded Events Area

Our expanded events area will probably be filled to capacity this Saturday, March 9th, as we will be hosting our first-ever Yu-GI-Oh! Regional Tournament at our Jason St. location. Participation is strictly limited to only 200 players, so if you would like to enter, visit David at our Lakewood store ASAP. We do expect to be at capacity.

Yu-GI-Oh! Regional Tournament

Speaking of our Lakewood store, it will close forever on March 31st. I am not at all happy that we have to leave after almost 30 years in that shopping center, but the new owners raised our rent to over $10,000 per month, which is simply more than we can afford. The good news for those of you who have supported Lakewood for so many years is that your store manager, David Saindon, will be taking over running the front counter at Jason St., and most of the Lakewood N.I.C.E. members are transferring their accounts. In effect, the core clientele of Lakewood will now become the new heart and soul of Jason St. This is all a bit jarring (especially coming so close on the heels of our closing Colorado Blvd.), but believe me when I say that this is all for the best. Jason St. is already the best retail store that we have ever created, and this influx of new energy will definitely make it even better.

New Era Flyer

Continuing with events news, on the evening of March 16th we will be blessed with the return of New Era wrestling! Our newly expanded events area should allow expansion up to 400 seats, and also allow for our stage to be incorporated into their wrestling ring. They will also have a nice new dressing room available. If you've never attended any of their events, bring the kids for an awesome night filled with amazing athleticism, and true craziness!

Poker Flyer

On March 23rd, it's time for our monthly poker tournament and huge no-minimum-bid comics and toys auction. I am going to take a break from traveling for the Imperial Court all of this month, in order to focus entirely on preparing an immense selection for the auction. Save the date, as there will be some incredible deals...

Performers in March's Show

Finally, on Sunday evening April 7th Jessica L'Whor and her amazing cast will be back on our stage with her 2nd All Ages Family Drag Show. We had over 80 parents and kids at our first show (despite cold and snow), and expect to double that number in April. Please join us that evening and show your support for our local under-21 drag performers. Everyone who attended this month's show had a truly fabulous time!

Happy collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
March 5, 2019

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