We will be holding one of our no minimum bid auctions at our
Jason Street Mega Store
during our DCC opening night party on May 30th at 7 p.m.
The way the auction works is as follows. Bids will take place for each lot. The winning bidder may then choose items from said lot with each item costing the amount of the winning bid. Then the runner up bidder may choose from any items left. So come on down and get some great deals.

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Comic-Con Party News

I want to start today by thanking everyone who helped to make this year's Free Comic Book Day such an incredible success. We gave away over 10,000 FCBD special editions in just one day, which is an all-time record! Our autograph party featuring Jim Shooter and Chris Claremont was also extremely well-attended, with upwards of 1,000 people waiting very patiently in line during the course of their six-hour marathon signing party. All-in-all, it was a really wonderful Free Comic Book Day day...

I now have several bits of good news for you. First, legendary comics creator, Neal Adams, has agreed to return to sign autographs at our Jason St. Mega-Store on Thursday evening, May 30th. The signing will begin at 6 PM, and run through 10 PM. Neal will be bringing even more of his own prints and sketches to offer you, and since we actually have some advance notice this year, we are ordering in a huge number of Neal's best hardback and trade paperback collections from DC Comics to offer you at the party. Neal will sign any item that you request for a $10 fee, and we will also have Mile High Comics certificates of authenticity available for only $2 each.


Neal Adams


Chuck & Neal Adams

In addition to Neal Adams, we think that we also have upwards of twenty other comics creators from the convention who will be signing autographs for us during our Thursday night, May 30th, party (see poster below). I mention this potentially high number because we have always offered free table space to all local comics creators who wish to show off their publications to our Mega-Store audiences. That free space offer still holds true right now, but with the May 30th event now only three weeks away, we may find that we have a limit on just how many free tables that we can fit into Jason St., especially since we are expecting a crowd of 2,000+ fans that evening. If you want to reserve free table space for that night, please do contact David Saindon at our Lakewood store right away at 303-238-8125, or write to him at We will do our best to find you a great spot in the store!

Along those same lines, I want to encourage those of you who can, to arrive early for our party. The official starting time for party is 6 PM, and that is the point at which we will start serving refreshments. Unlike last year, however, we will open the Mega-Store to our party guests beginning at 2 PM. We may, in fact, already have some creators already signing earlier in the day, but that situation is fluid fight now as we work out individual arrangements with folks. I'll keep you posted as we get further along with our plans. One thing that I can assure you, however, is that with upwards of 2,000 people expected that night, only the early birds will get close-in parking. Carpool, if you can...

Before I leave the subject of the Jason St. party, I did want to mention that we have already begun stocking up the store with even more great back issues, trade paperbacks, and hardbacks. Reece is completely reorganizing our new books area for you, while Stu, Jon, Randy, Charley, and Chris are filing our newly acquired back issue comics by the thousands into both the Silver Age bins, and the modern bins, each day. It would serve those of you who are avid collectors quite well to visit the Mega-Store several times before the night of the big party...

My final item for today is a quick mention that I will be conducting one of my famous no-minimum-bid Auctions during theparty (see list below).

Happy Collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.