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Title: TOYFARE MAGAZINE (1997) #135

Publisher: Wizard Press

TOYFARE MAGAZINE (1997) #135 is available for pre-order (and as an ongoing monthly subscription). To view details of this item, and place a pre-order for this title, see TOYFARE MAGAZINE (1997) #135 in the Mile High Comics NICE comic book subscription section.

FALL ANIMATION PREVIEW Get your TiVos ready for all kinds of animation domination this fall! ToyFare gives you a look at the upcoming cartoons that make our geek-sense tingle: Batman: Brave and the Bold, Wolverine and the X- Men, Speed Racer, Secret Saturdays and many, many more.We've also got an especially in-depth look at Star Wars: Clone Wars-and look out for Clone Wars toys to appear right smack on our cover! MC CHRIS SPOTLIGHT He's a rapper, an [adult swim] voice actor, one of the most multi-talented dudes around - and we've got him just for readers! MC Chris talks about his records, his obsessions and his experience working in the world of cartoons. BOND FAMILY HIT LIST James Bond's got his fair share of enemies, so it's a good thing he doesn't have much of a family to get in the way of an assassin's bullet. Or does he? ToyFare sneaks a look at Bond's unusual family tree, calling out some targets you may know-and plenty you don't. Retro: Blackstar Sure, Blackstar and He-Man have a lot in common, but it's their differences that make them interesting (at least we hope so). Find out what those differences are along with us. MINIMATES TWISTED TOYFARE THEATRE Michael J. Fox and Madonna take a trip through time (and Diamond Select's huge selection of MiniMate properties) visiting the wild west, Vietnam, the present and the future! Magazine (Star Wars: The Clone Wars Cover) $4.99

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