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NICE July 2006 Titles Beginning with 'R' Pages

The links on this page go to title listing pages which list titles (and the publisher) available for NICE July 2006 pre-order, sorted alphabetically. Each link contains the name of the first title and last title on the listing page. To find the comic book, trade paperback, or other item you are seeking, select the link below where the title you are searching falls alphabetically.

RA-I GN (2006) #1 by Tokyo Pop (Formerly Mixx)
RAYMOND E. FEIST: MAGICIAN APPRENTICE (2006) #6 by Dabel Brothers Productions
RAYMOND E. FEIST: MAGICIAN APPRENTICE (2006) #6 COVER B by Dabel Brothers Productions
REBORN GN (2006) #1 by Viz Comics
RECIPE FOR GERTRUDE TPB (2006) #2 by DC Comics
RED PROPHET TPB (2006) #1 by Dabel Brothers Productions
RED SONJA (2005) #15 by D.E.
RETURN O/T GREMLINS (2006) #1 by Dark Horse Comics
REVERE (2006) #4 by Alias Enterprises Llc
REX MUNDI: GUARDIAN O/T TEMPLE DH ED (2006) #1 by Dark Horse Comics
RG VEDA GN (2005) #7 by Tokyo Pop (Formerly Mixx)
RHINO STATUE (2006) #1 by Trade Items
ROAD TO HELL (2006) #2 by IDW
ROBIN (1993) #154 by DC Comics
ROCK BOTTOM GN (2006) #1 by Ait/Planet Lar
ROCKETO (2005) #12 by Speakeasy
ROKKIN (2006) #3 by DC/Wildstorm
ROMAN ALBUM SAMURAI CHAMPLOO TPB (2006) #1 by Dark Horse Comics
RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE (2003) #60 by Magazine
RUNAWAY COMICS (2006) #2 by Fantagraphics
RUNAWAYS (2005) #20 by Marvel
RUROUNI KENSHIN NOVEL (2006) #1 by Viz Comics
RUSH CITY (2006) #3 by DC Comics

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