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Publisher: IDW

TRANSFORMERS: STORMBRINGER (2006) #3 is available for pre-order (and as an ongoing monthly subscription). To view details of this item, and place a pre-order for this title, see TRANSFORMERS: STORMBRINGER (2006) #3 in the Mile High Comics NICE comic book subscription section.

by Simon Furman & Don Figueroa
The action explodes on two fronts, as-on Cyberton-the Wreckers kick back (hard!) against Bludgeon's rogue cult, and-on Nebulos-Thunderwing shows exactly why, last time around, it took the combined firepower of two armies just to put him on 'pause.' As events spiral out of control and the body count rises, Megatron prepares to execute his distinctly terminal no-win scenario. This issue features a special wraparound and variant cover from artist Figueroa.
32pgs, FC $2.99
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