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BLACK MAGIC (VOL. 4) (1953)
BLACK MAGIC (VOL. 5) (1954)
BLACK MAGIC (VOL. 6) (1957)
BLACK MAGIC (VOL. 7) (1958)
BLACK MAGIC (VOL. 8) (1961)
DIXIE DUGAN (VOL. 3) (1951)
DIXIE DUGAN (VOL. 4) (1954)
FARGO KID (1958)
GOING STEADY (VOL. 3) (1960)
GOING STEADY (VOL. 4) (1960)
YOUNG BRIDES (VOL. 1) (1952)
YOUNG BRIDES (VOL. 2) (1953)
YOUNG BRIDES (VOL. 3) (1954)
YOUNG LOVE (1960) (VOL. 3)
YOUNG LOVE (1960) (VOL. 4)
YOUNG LOVE (1961) (VOL. 5)
YOUNG LOVE (1962) (VOL. 6)
YOUNG ROMANCE (1947) (#1-124) (PRIZE)

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