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Pre-Order Mile High Variants

    Star Wars Mile High Variants

Bonus Books, by Greg VanEvery

    April's listing of Bonus Books

April's Crossovers:

    If you HAVE a subscription to:You WILL GET:
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 12: The Reckoning
    Halo: Rise of AtrioxHalo: Collateral Damage
    Tomb Raider: Survivor's CrusadeTomb Raider: Inferno
    Hawkman & Atom Strange: Out of TimeHawkman
    Justice League (2016)Justice League (2018)
    Superman (2016)Justice League (2018)
    Batman (2016)Justice League (2018)
    Wonder Woman (2016)Justice League (2018)
    Aquaman (2016)Justice League (2018)
    Cyborg (2016)Justice League (2018)
    Flash (2016)Justice League (2018)
    Superman (2016)Man of Steel (2018)
    Action Comics (2016)Man of Steel (2018)
    Teen Titans (2016)Teen Titans Special
    Titans (2016)Titans Special
    Aquaman (2016)Aquaman/Jabberjaw Special
    Black Lightning: Cold Dead HandsBlack Lightning/Hong Kong Phooey Special
    Flash (2016)Flash/Speed Buggy Special
    Super SonsSuper Sons/Dynomutt Special
    Batman (2016)Batman: Prelude to the Wedding - Robin vs. Ra's Al Ghul
    Robin: Son of BatmanBatman: Prelude to the Wedding - Robin vs. Ra's Al Ghul
    Batman (2016)Batman: Prelude to the Wedding - Nightwing vs. Hush
    NightwingBatman: Prelude to the Wedding - Nightwing vs. Hush
    Batman (2016)Batman: Prelude to the Wedding - Batgirl vs. Riddler
    BatgirlBatman: Prelude to the Wedding - Batgirl vs. Riddler
    Batman (2016)Batman: Prelude to the Wedding - Red Hood vs. Anarky
    Red HoodBatman: Prelude to the Wedding - Red Hood vs. Anarky
    Batman (2016)Batman: Prelude to the Wedding - Harley vs. Joker
    Harley QuinnBatman: Prelude to the Wedding - Harley vs. Joker
    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (1999)League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Tempest
    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century #1 1910League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Tempest
    Orphan Black DeviationsOrphan Black: Crazy Science
    Kull EternalKull Eternal Annual
    Star Trek: New Visions - All Ages FrozenStar Trek: New Visions - An Unexpected Yesterday
    Transformers Spotlight: Bumblebee One-ShotTransformers: Bumblebee Movie Prequel
    Cape: 1969Cape: Fallen
    Bloodstrike (2015)Bloodstrike #0
    Amazing Spider-Man (2017)Wakanda Forever: Amazing Spider-Man
    Black Panther (2018)Wakanda Forever: Amazing Spider-Man
    Unworthy Thor (2015)Thor (2018)
    Thor (2007)Thor (2018)
    Invincible Iron Man (2017)Tony Stark: Iron Man
    Incredible Hulk (2017)Immortal Hulk
    Despicable DeadpoolDeadpool
    Despicable DeadpoolDeadpool: Assassin
    Ant-Man & the Wasp PreludeAnt-Man & Wasp
    Astonishing Ant-ManAnt-Man & Wasp
    Unbeatable Squirrel GirlMarvel Rising Alpha
    Ms. Marvel (2016)Marvel Rising Alpha
    Sentry (2005)Sentry (2018)
    Doctor Strange (2017)Doctor Strange (2018)
    Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man (2017)Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual
    Marvel Two-In-OneMarvel Two-in-One Annual
    A-ForceDazzler: X Song
    Marvel Super Hero Adventures (2018)Marvel Adventures: Webs, Arrows & Ants Oh My
    Nancy Drew/Hardy BoysNancy Drew
    Vampirella (2017)Vampirella: Roses are Red
    Garfield: Vacation Time BluesGarfield: Homecoming
    Regular Show (2013)Regular Show: 25 Years Later
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (2016)Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Anniversary Special
    Amazing CerebusUn-Bedable Vark
    Casper & Hot StuffCasper's Ghostland
    Three Stooges Slapstick SpecialThree Stooges: Matinee Madnessv
    Nancy in Hell on Earth (2010)Nancy in Hell (2018)
    Mighty CrusadersArchie's Superteens vs. Crusaders
    Kim & Kim: Love is a BattlefieldOh S#!t, It's Kim & Kim
    Sixth Gun: Valley of DeathShadow Roads

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