LOCAL NEWS - Huge Comics and Toys Auction this Saturday!


This is William Moulton, Chuck is out of town on a very successful buying trip so I get to write this local email.

This Saturday September 24 starting at 11:30 am our long awaited Comics & Toys auction will begin at our Mile High Comics Jason St. Mega-Store. There are over 300 comics being auctioned off for Mile High Comics and 100ís of Comics, Toys, Posters, and Misc. items being auctioned off for "Feeding Denver's Hungry

Auction flyer

In case you are wondering, Feeding Denver's Hungry is run entirely by one man, Jim Scharper, and his team of about 20 volunteers. Jim is a recovering alcoholic who had no choice but to live on the streets during the worst of his days. Five years ago, once he stopped drinking and got back up on his feet, Jim started taking money from his own paycheck twice a month to buy meals to give to the less fortunate. Jim has now met all the criteria to be registered as a 501-C3 charity, but is still funding much of the cost of the food that he gives away out of his own pocket.

Below are a few of the Mile High Comics comic lots. If you go to our Facebook page you can view all the comic lots. We will be adding pictures of the donated toys and other items to our Facebook page this week so keep checking back!

Lot #19

Lot #20

Lot #21

Lot #22

Lot #23

Lot #24

Lot #25

Lot #26

Lot #27

Lot #28

Have Fun and hope too see you this Saturday!

William Moulton,
Head Lacky - Mile High Comics, Inc.
September 20, 2015

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