Auction Instructions

The Mile High Comics automatic auction system allows anyone to browse the items up for sale, and to see the current bids for the items. If you wish to bid on an item, you must register so that you can be notified if a higher bid is received, and to contact you if you have the winning bid.

The system is setup to display auctions on separate pages, and to allow you view the details of an item and the highest ten bids on an item. If you wish to bid on an item, you enter your bid and have the opportunity to review it before it is sent to the system.

If you want to be notified of new auctions, please sign-up for the All Auctions mailing list on the Mile High Comics Guestbook.


We are trying out a new autobid feature that allows you to state the maximum price you would bid for an item. Your current bid would the previous high bid plus $1.00. This feature is to help those who don't want to immediately bid their maximum, but don't want to have to check back frequently to increase their bid. The regular bidding feature will continue to be available.

The advantage of using the autobid feature is demonstrated here. If the high bid is currently $5.00, and you place a $10.00 autobid, your bid will be displayed as $6.00. If the auction then ends, you pay only $6.00, not the $10.00 maximum you entered. If someone raises the bid to $7.00, your bid is automatically increased to $8.00 for you. Again, if the auction then ends, you would pay only $8.00 for the item. Now the important part. If someone placed a bid for $10.00, your bid would be increased to $10.00 (your maximum) and you would still be the high bidder since you offered your $10.00 bid first! The other person's bid would show up as $10.00, but you would be the winner. Of course, if the other person bid $11.00 and then the auction ended, they would be the winner--though an email message would be sent to you at the email address in your profile that your bid was exceeded.

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