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Issue: 1
(Denis Kitchen Publishing Co)

by Alexa Kitchen
Drawing Comics is Easy! (Except When it's Hard!) is entirely - and remarkably - the work of a 7-year-old prodigy cartoonist! Though seemingly aimed at a peer audience of other children, this idiosyncratic "How-To" book will appeal to readers of any age, especially those interested in cartooning and the creative process. Alexa Kitchen (daughter of publisher Denis Kitchen) has already been interviewed in Comic Book Artist, featured in the Comics Buyer's Guide, praised in Publishers Weekly, caricatured in Print magazine, and featured in the Dark Horse anthology Sexy Chix with Joyce Carol Oates, among others. While this is Alexa's first hardcover book, the veteran cartoonist has three earlier titles in print and has plans for "dozens" of new books... when she isn't playing with stuffed animals and doing her third grade homework!
HC, 6x8.5, 168pgs, PC SRP: $19.95

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