SUPERMAN (1986) (#0-226, #650-714) (DC) #55 - Descriptive Bibliography

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Title: Camelot [Time and Time Again Phase 6]

Featuring: Superman

Synopsis: Morgaine Le Fey's creatures are attacking Camelot. The soldiers cry to Merlin for help. Merlin thinks about how Morgaine Le Fey has cut off his access to the time-stream, preventing him from summoning Sir Justin, the Shining Knight. Regretfully, he resorts to summoning his half-brother, the Demon Etrigan. The Demon fights back the creatures, but a great black knight with incredible strength attacks him. Mordred tells Morgaine that the Demon has engaged their champion. Morgaine says that she must take the Eternity Book from Merlin. The Rex Nemorensis, Guardian of the Sacred Oak, looks on at the destruction at Camelot. In the present, the Lexcorp board has agreed to get their "hands dirty in the day-to-day operations." Perry White talks to Alice about getting away and moving forward. An exasperated Jimmy Olsen begs his mother to stop showing his baby pictures to Lucy Lane. Bibbo and another man bang their heads together reaching for a quarter. Lois hopes that Clark is safe. In the past, Etrigan's demon-flame removes the black knight's armor, revealing Superman! Merlin uses a transportation spell to take Superman to his quarters and probes Superman's mind. He discovers how Morgaine put a spell on Superman to make him her black knight. Merlin undoes the spell and turns Superman into a white knight and transports him to the battle outside. Merlin gives Etrigan a page from the Eternity Book and tells him to take up residency in the body of a human. Superman confronts Morgaine Le Fey and Mordred. Morgaine tries to put a spell on him, but Merlin's new armor blocks it. She blasts the armor but sees Merlin doing a spell on the tower. She tells Mordred that they must retreat to the Oaks because Merlin intends to kill them all. Camelot is destroyed in a mightly explosion that encompasses Superman. "The Dark Ages descended upon England. And the nightmare began for the Rex Nemorensis--the Priest of the Oak called Jason Blood.

Character Appearances: Superman; Merlin; The Demon; Mordred; Morgaine Le Fey; Rex Nemorensis [Jason Blood]; Perry White; Alice White, Jimmy Olsen; Lucy Lang; Bibbo; Lois Lane

Credits: Jerry Ordway (Script), Jerry Ordway (Pencils), Jerry Ordway (Inks), Glenn Whitmore (Colors), John Costanza (Letters).

Title: Blaze of Glory!

Featuring: Newsboy Legion

Synopsis: Dubbilex explains to Mr. Gabrielli that Guardian is following the Jimmy Olsen clone, using tunnels going towards the atomic pile. He realizes that the Newsboy Legion has now disappeared. They are in the air vents, and they talk about the monster, Crazy Arnie, that supposedly saved Gabby from a vampire. The other newsboys don't believe him. A strange creature looks on from another ventilation shaft. The Guardian fights Jimmy Olsen, who is now reddish-orange and on fire. The clone manages to trap the Guardian and is about to kill him when the Newsboy Legion shows up, aiming a fire hose at the clone. They blast him, knocking him back and creating a huge cloud of green smoke. When the smoke clears, they see he was reduced to "ash and scoria via spontaneous conflagration." They also see Guardian far away from where he was trapped. Guardian says someone freed him and carried him there. Gabby exclaims that Angry Charlie must have saved him. The adults arrive, and it's revealed that some of Olsen's tissue samples are missing from the Cell Block. A crazed man in the tunnels below watches the scene on a jury-rigged monitor. His name is Dabney Donovan and he thinks of all the types of clones he could make from Olsen, like Porcupine Olsen and Big-Head Olsen. Cadmus will never take one of his creations alive, he explains, because of the pyro-granulite implants that he traded for with Lexcorp. His servant, Dragorin, arrives with a new specimen for Donovan, a wolverine.

Character Appearances: Guardian; Newsboy Legion; Angry Charlie; Dubbilex; Jimmy Olsen (clone); Dabney Donovan

Credits: Karl Kesel (Script), Karl Kesel (Pencils), Karl Kesel (Inks), Glenn Whitmore (Colors), Bill Oakley (Letters).

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Publisher: DC ComicsTitle: SUPERMAN (1986) (#0-226, #650-714) (DC)
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