Frequently Asked Questions
for the Mile High Comics Auctions

1) HELP! I have registered, and it will not allow me to bid?

2) Can I Bundle My Winnings with... Backissues?

3) Can You Hold My Auction Items for Another Win?

4) How Can I Get My Credit Card Information To You?

5) How will you Ship My Items To Me?

6) Can I get any special discounts on my auction items?

1) I have registered and it will not allow me to bid.

  • Remember that the username must be in all caps, and the password is case sensitive. If you have forgotten or or are not sure of the case for your password, you can retrieve your password at any time.

  • You must unlock your username. For this to be done, you will need to go to the URL within the e-mail message that had the subject Mile High Comics Registration. This is the only way to unlock your username to begin bidding. The URL may have wrapped around in your e-mail: please be sure to connect to the ENTIRE address using your browser.

  • If you did not receive this e-mail, then you must contact us. There might have been a typo in entering your e-mail address when you registered or you have changed e-mail addresses. We can easily update your file. Then we will resend the e-mail that will unlock your username. The subject will be MHC Key Resend and you will again need to go to the URL.

2) Can I Bundle My Winnings with... Backissues?

Backissues have to be ordered separately from auction items. However, if you let them know ahead of time (either in the notes field or with an immediate e-mail to that department) that you want the backissue(s) sent with the auction item(s), we can usually arrange it for you!

Unfortunately, if you have already made your order, they may already have processed it for delivery, and might be unable to add items to that order.

E-mail: ... or phone 303 455 2659.

Thank you!

b) Can I Bundle My Winnings with... N.I.C.E.?

Certainly! If we have your NICE number, we can send your winnings to be shipped with your NICE shipments.

c) Can You Ship My Items to one of your Retail Locations?

Not a problem! Let us know to which store you would like us to send it!

3) Can You Hold My Auction Items?

Your winnings will automatically be shipped together if you pay for them together.

Please list the items you have won so we know for what you are paying. We cannot hold your items for longer than a month!

We prefer to ship your items once a week. This allows us to maintain control of our limited storage space as well as allowing you to take advantage of decreased shipping costs.

You can give us instructions to hold your items for one day each week (a weekday, please) and we will gather up everything you win up to that day and ship it together. We will also do twice-a-month (choose two days, anything but the 1st, 15th, and/or 30th) shipping if necessary. (We prefer not to for solid inventory control.)

You may also give us such instructions as, "Wait until I have ______ accumulated and then send." This blank can be filled in with any dollar amount up to $60.00, or any amount of pounds, up to 4 pounds. We're relatively flexible as long as you play by the rules. For instance, you could ask us to send your items on "Mondays, provided there is at least $30.00 of merchandise." However, if you are shipping less than once a week, we would prefer not to have to hold it for over $50.00

Our policy is to not ship things out until they have reached either $20.00 worth of merchandise, or if it has been two weeks since you have won any items.

If you wish to be shipped as soon as you win something, PLEASE LET US KNOW!

And a reminder...We MUST HAVE YOUR AUCTION USERNAME to put these instructions into effect.

4) How Can I Get My Credit Card Information To You?

We accept the following credit cards:

Please remember we need your credit card number, the full name as listed on the card, and the expiration date. Any one of the following methods to send it to us is acceptable:

  • A) 1-800-676-6423 is the number for the Mile High Comics. Ask for the Auction Department.

  • B) You can fax us at 303 477 5315 (warehouse).
    Again, please let us know it is for the AUCTIONS.

  • C) You can send it through e-mail.

    If this makes you uncomfortable, you may split the e-mail into two parts, or make other arrangements.

  • D) If you have a BackIssue or NICE account with a CC #, please e-mail that information to us. If you have ordered using a credit card with us before, please let us know and we will get the information.

The address to send your list of winning items and your check or money order is:

Mile High Comics
Attn: Auctions
2151 W. 56th Ave.
Denver, CO 80221

5) How will you Ship My Items To Me?

You probably want to browse through our information for domestic shipping information ( and for international shipping information ( We reserve the right to default to UPS. Internationally, we tend to ship DHL, except to Singapore, China, (Hong Kong), and Taiwan, whereupon we will default to IPC. Please let us know your preferences!

  • With United Parcel Service (UPS), please add 5-8 dollars. $5.00 if the package is 1-2 pounds, $6.00 for 3-4 pounds, $7.00 for 5-6 pounds, $8.00 for 7-8 pounds.

    Post Office Priority, will usually cost between 3-6 dollars. It is $3.50 for 1-2 pounds, $4.30 for 3 pounds, $5.40 for 4 pounds, $6.50 for 5 pounds.

  • UPS can only be in the Continental USA, Post Office Priority will include AK, HI, PR, GUAM, APO, and FPO.

  • International Customers will be charged $3.50 a pound and DHL will be the the carrier unless you have made other shipping arrangements.

  • Insurance is only available for USA, $.75 per $100.00, per box, with the Post Office. With UPS, the first $100.00, per box, is covered. Additional insurance is $.75 per $100.00.

Please Note:

We prefer your items to be sent with UPS (for Continental USA) because we can trace these packages. Please make arrangements with us if you do not want UPS to deliver your packages.

a) How much do these items weigh?

Depending on the items...

  • Comics are approximately six to a pound.
  • Action Figures are generally two or three to a pound.
  • T-Shirts are generally one to a pound.
  • Card sets are usually one or two to a pound.
  • Card boxes and hardback books are generally one to a pound.
  • Graphic Novels and TradePaperBacks are usually two to a pound.

Rolled posters are given a separate charge because we have to ship them apart from other items. We can, however, ship up to 12 posters in the same poster package.

6) Do I get any special discounts on my auction items?

Neither our 30% (or other) sales, nor membership in N.I.C.E., will provide you with special discounts on your auction items. Those are sold at the price you won them at, plus a shipping/postage and handling charge.


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