Local News - Huge Comic, Toy, Statue, Trade, and More Auction this Saturday now with pictures!


This is William with Mile High Comics. Chuck is out of town in Texas looking at a collection and asked me to write a quick local newsletter letting you know that the pictures for the auction lots are up!

Auction Flyer

Our Huge Auction will take place this Saturday July 29th starting at 11:30 am at our Jason Street Mega Store. The auction usually only takes a few hours to complete. They are really fun to attend and are kid friendly. Chuck always makes sure the young fans go home happy.

In addition to the 500 items that we will be offering for Mile High Comics, we will also be auctioning off donated items to benefit "A Light In The Night," which is a very small grassroots organization in Albuquerque that helps the homeless. Because they are so small, they have no access to a Food Bank. That means that they can only help to the extent that the receive donations each week. If you have any unwanted collectibles at home that you might be willing to donate to this extremely worthy cause, please drop them off at any of our three Mile High Comics retail stores by Friday. We will then auction. your items on Saturday morning, with 100% of those proceeds being given to TwoTone Grant, the courageous leader of "A Light In The Night." Thank you!

Here are some of the Lots that will be in the auction this Saturday:

LOT #20

LOT #21

LOT #22

LOT #23

LOT #24

LOT #25

LOT #26

LOT #27

LOT #28

LOT #29

LOT #30

LOT #31

LOT #32

LOT #33

LOT #34

LOT #35

LOT #36

LOT #37

LOT #38

LOT #39

LOT #40

Hope to see you there!

William Moulton,
Head Flunky - Mile High Comics, Inc.
July 27, 2017

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