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I hope that your week has been going as well as ours here at Mile High Comics. Just when we thought that things couldn't get any better, our comic book sales jumped by another 50% this week, and several more awesome collections walked in the door of Jason St. Without our making the slightest bit of extra effort, since Monday we have purchased great collections of out-of-print trade paperbacks, Silver Age Comics, rare Archie and Gold Key Comics Digests, and over 150 extremely scarce newsstand Marvel and DC editions published during just the past couple of years. Sometimes it seems that everything is going right!

Archie & Disney Digest

If you would like to see which issues that we purchased, please take a look at our New-In-Stock and Premium New-In-Stock links. While the lists available online are quite large, even more great back issues will be added to the list every day this week. All are available to you at 40% off when you utilize our new SANTAFE! discount codeword. The codeword discount applies to all of our ten million back issue comics and magaziness, excepting only new issues, a few variants, and our slabbed comics.

Golden Digest

In case you are wondering, I chose SANTAFE! as our new codeword because I am going to be taking my beloved wife, Nanette, there for a week-long vacation. Nanette loves Santa Fe, but hasn't been able to spend much time there over the past several years due to her badly injured hip. While the hip-replacement surgery she underwent last winter was not entirely successful, she can now walk with a cane without feeling the non-stop excruciating pain that kept her nearly bed-ridden for the past several years. That being the case, I decided that we would disappear together a week from Friday, and spend some quality time together visiting old friends around the Santa Fe Plaza, and on Canyon Road. After all of our intensely hard work of the past several months, I am really looking forward to getting away for a few days...

Chuck and Nanette

While I am gone, Lynne, Will, and Pam will be helping our fulfillment team to catch up the huge backlog of online orders that we have received over the past two weeks. If you have an order in with us right now we ask for your patience, please, as everyone working here is totally focused on shipping as many orders each day as is humanly possible. It is going to take us at least another ten days to catch up, however, so please be patient.

Happy collecting!

Chuck Rozanski,
President - Mile High Comics, Inc.
July 26, 2017

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