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You could be forgiven for thinking, hey, they must have run out, right? They must have exhausted all the good stuff by now with the ACG titles pretty near-on gone, along with PLANET, JET POWER, all the HARVEY titles, Tom Corbet, THE HEAP, RULAH, STRANGE SUSPENSE and who knows what else. Yeah, you'da thunk it, OK, with around 150 volumes over the past few years but, hey, go eat yer socks, Daphne-check this out! A second collection featuring issues 7 through 12 of DARK MYSTERIES boasting-heck, downright totally tub-thumping (and you know ya can't blame 'em!)--boasting yarns from Joe Orlando, Walter Johnson, Ed Goldfarb, A.C. Hollingsworth, Bill Fraccio, Lou Cameron, John D'Agostino, Tony Tallarico, Harry Harrison and Hy Fleishman and a whole host of other wacked-out-of-their-gourd luminaries. So put down that essay, Junior and flash back to when comics were. Ya akst us for more and we done given it to ya.

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